Youth With A Mission

We are excited to celebrate what God is doing in students lives at North Ridge Church, within RSM (Remyx Student Ministries), and beyond.  We value missions work and opportunities to spread the gospel to all corners of the earth.  We celebrate the call that God has placed on these college students lives' and encourage you to support them in prayer and financially.  You can read more about each student below and use their giving link to support them.

  • Trevor & Thea Neufeld

    We are so excited to follow God’s call to YWAM (Youth With a Mission) this January. God is doing amazing things here in The Cities and so much of it is going to be kicked off with the 25+ people going with us to YWAM and coming back with the mission to transform our college campuses and see revival in the Twin Cities. We are only just seeing the beginning of the move of God that is surfacing here and cannot wait to see how he uses YWAM to change not only our lives but our college campuses as well!

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  • Luke McCann

    God has been moving and doing amazing things in my life! He has placed it on my heart to follow Him with everything and do YWAM (Proverbs 3:5-6). In the past, I have been to El Salvador on week long mission trips, and they have been life changing.  I can’t image what God will do during 6 months of discipleship and outreach!

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  • Brett Martin

    About a year ago the Lord really impacted my life at a YWAM conference in the twin cities and ever since the Lord has given me a heart for YWAM. Now a year later the Lord has called me to go to YWAM to be a part of a discipleship training program in Kona, HI then to the nations! My goal is to fall in love with Jesus in new ways and from that be able to impact the nations for the kingdom of Jesus.

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  • Danielle Nazarians

    I have felt the Lord calling me to this once in a life time opportunity because the hunger that I have for the Lord grows increasingly everyday and I want to expand my obedience to Him. I am so excited to be attending a discipleship training school (DTS) this January, that teaches students how to increase our faith in the Lord with strong mentors and leaders. I know that God has called me to make a huge step in my life by making this decision for His glory.

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  • Derek Coffren

    I’m going to YWAM DTS this upcoming January because I really feel called by the Lord to participate in this. I’ve never been on a missions trip before and I know that this is going to be such an incredible journey and my relationship with the Lord is going to be stretched to a point where it has never been before. I’m excited to be able to share my story with people from around the world and to lead them to Christ so they can experience His love and know that God has so many things in store for them!

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  • Drew Hanson

    The Lord has called me to be a part of a organization in Kona, Hawaii called YWAM. I visited a YWAM conference about a year ago and I was completely changed from that moment going forth. I will have the privilege of being part of a discipleship program and then I will be going to the nations. I hope to gain a greater love for Jesus and for people, as well to foster what the Lord is equipping our group to come and be a part of revival in the Twin Cities. I will be joining 25+ people from the Twin Cities area to go on this trip and I am excited to see the Lord more in radical ways in our group, in the nations, and eventually the Twin Cities area.

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