North Ridge Church reaches the unchurched with the saving and grace-filled message of Jesus, and cares for the poor and those in need. Three areas of evangelism have been identified as directions for our mission:

1. Community Assistance - Community Assistance helps those who are in need financially. Financial assistance is available for purchase of groceries, financial counseling, payment of monthly utility bills, and other financial needs as they arise. Individuals in our community are blessed by gifts from the community food pantry Soup or Socks.

2. Called Missions - Our called Missionaries are men and women who have dedicated themselves to serve as full-time missionaries in the United States and around the world. Support is provided through monthly monetary commitments and prayer. 

3. Compassion Ministries and Projects - NRC participates in many ministries and projects such as: Short term trips to El Salvador and other countries, City On A Hill in Milwaukee, and other projects in the US and around the world. Your financial support and prayer is necessary to continue to spread the message of Jesus Christ to our community, country and the world. 

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Mission trip connection opportunities

NRC is committed to providing opportunities for people to give, go and pray.

If you are interested in on going on a Missions Trip please Click Here!

  • vietnam - june 16-27, 2020

    Cost: $2,700 per person

    Lead: August Hoffman

    Max group size: 10

    Commitment deadline: February 5, 2020

    Must be 16 years or older. Must be a fully committed Christian. Must have approval from both parents. Must have positive references from a Pastor and a mature Christian adult. Must have a commitment to share Christ. Participants will get to practice ministry with tenured missionaries. From busy cities to fishing villages, Vietnam provides a variety of ministry opportunities and experiences.

  • Peru, South America

    Early fall 2020:TBD

    Cost: Approx. $1,950

    Lead: McCann

    Max group size: 10

    Join NRC for a trip to Peru! During this trip, we will focus on a small construction project and we will host a Mega Sports Camp for children. Must be 16 years or older. 

  • Nairobi, Kenya africa

    january 15-23, 2021

    Cost: Approx. $1,820

    Lead: Diedrich

    Max group size: 10

    Join NRC for our second trip to Kenya. There will be opportunities for medical, outreach and adult & children's ministry. Must be 16 years or older.

  • City on a hill - Milwaukee, WI

    July 12-12,2020

    Cost: $75

    Lead: Kauer

    Max Group Size: 20

    Join NRC for a weekend trip to Milwaukee, WI. Here, we will run a free medical clinic and a children's outreach program. This trip is for adults and children of any age.