special needs opportunities

Join us and the community as we celebrate, inspire, encourage and enrich the lives of our special needs community. We encourage you to get engaged, volunteer and support these local efforts. Stay tuned for updates on upcoming special events.

Fall Costume Party

Special Needs friends, families and caregivers are invited to an evening of Fall Fun!

Friday // October 26th

North Ridge Church

6:00pm - 8:00pm

field & Marsh Sportsman's Banquet

Field and Marsh Sportsman's Banquet

March 16, 2019

Oak Avenue Community Center, Marshfield WI 54449

Doors Open 3PM/ Dinner 4:30 PM/ Guest Speaker 6 PM

Join us for an evening of great outdoors connections, raffles, door prizes, dinner and speaker. This event is no-charge, for kids and adults ages 6+ - 100 years. 

Guest Speaker: Al Lindner Co-founder of the In-Fisherman Communications Network, Lindner Media Productions and the Lindy Tackle Company will be with us this year. Host of Lindner’s Angling/Fishing Edge, Al currently resides in five different Fishing Halls of Fame including the prestigious International Game Fish Association (IGFA) and is enshrined in the Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame as an educator and a legendary angler. He’s a member of the Professional Bass Fishing Hall of Fame, as well as the Minnesota Fishing Hall of Fame and the Normark Fishing Hall of Fame.

MOPS AND momsnext

Are you a mom looking to connect with other moms with kids ages infant through high school?  If so, join MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers, morning group) or MomsNext (evening group).  For more information, visit these great groups for connections, resources, support and encouragement.

cancer Care ministry

In difficult and trying times, we often don’t know where to turn first.  While cancer and disease can bring fear and tests everyone affected by it, there is hope.  Hope is God’s plan for each of us.  Join us on the journey of hope.  

This is a ministry made up of locally trained volunteers from various faith backgrounds who desire to provide practical support to patients and caregivers being treated for cancer and other illnesses.

Cancer and other diseases do not discriminate based on gender, age, race or faith.  Our trained volunteers are able to assist you with physical, emotional and spiritual needs through your journey.

Our volunteers are adults from the surrounding area, who have received over 16 hours of training through the Cancer Treatment Centers of America and have passed a background check.

Practical ways we can assist are through r
egular visits, yard work, house cleaning, meals, encouragement, transportation, etc.

For more information, call 715-387-6111 or email ccm@northridgefamily.org

meals ministry

Meals are a blessing to those recovering from surgery, birth or those needing support after a death. Should you become aware of someone in our church family who would benefit by receiving a meal, please use the online resource "Take Them A Meal" to coordinate a meal train simply and efficiently - its easy to set up and share the need.