Summer camp

Summer Camp is almost here! Different from years past, camp registration is all online. Here is everything you need to know to register for Camp 2019:

Cost $230

SR High Camp (Grades 9-12) - July 15-19

JR High Camp (Grades 6-8) - July 29-Aug 2

Kids Camp 1 (Grades 3-6) - August 5-9

1. Click here to REGISTER, (Another browser window will open. You will need both that window and this window open to register.)

2. If you have used the system before, Login with your CampWise account. If not you must create a CampWise username & password (You will only need to do this once).

- If you login, on the right hand side of the screen you will see an option to "Add Program" to your camper, select that and then follow the next steps

3. When you get to the page that says “Group Hold Registration?” Enter the Group Hold Code that applies to your week of camp:

Week 2 (SR High) - MARSNR

Week 4 (JR High) - MARSNR

- Week 5 (Kids Camp) - MARSNR

4. Check the box that applies to your week and click “Save/Next”

Week 2 (SR High)

Week 4 (JR High)

- Week 5 (Kids Camp)

5. Select “Add New Contact” and fill in parent/guardian info as an emergency contact.

- If you have done this before this information should already be there in the dropdown menu, update it as needed

6. Select “Add New Contact” and fill in alternate emergency contact info. Click “Save/Next.”

7. Select the contact who should be billed for camp. If it is different than the emergency contact, select “Add new contact.”

8. Fill in all the required waivers. Click “Save/next.”


Camper Profile Sheet: Be sure to select Marshfield-North Ridge Church

9. If medications are needed at camp, fill in that information and click “Save/Next.”

10. Fill in desired cabin mates if needed and click “Save/next.”

11. Select any EXTRA merchandise you would like to purchase in advance and click “Save/Next.”

12. Select “View Dashboard” to pay the required deposit or pay in full for summer camp.

Payment Steps:

1. Select “Make a Payment” at your dashboard.

2. Select either minimum, full or other payment. The minimum amount to register is $40. You can go back and make more payments at a later time after this is paid. Click “Save/next.”

3. Enter in any money you would like available to the camper in the camp bank for spending money. Click “Save/next.”

4. Enter in credit card information. Click “Save/next.”

Click Here to Download the Camp Waiver Form (Sign and return to Pastor August or Pastor Corey)