wINTER retreat

Winter Retreat at Spencer Lake is a weekend that provides a great space for students to experience God’s presence and connect with their youth group and with other teenagers from all over

Wisconsin/Northern Michigan.

Here’s how you register:

(To read some tips for registration Click Here)

  1. Go to the Wisconsin Student Ministries Website, and click Register Here!
  2. Create a log in and password (If your student has gone to Camp or Weekend/Winter Retreat before log in instead of creating a new account)
  3. You will be asked for a Group Hold Registration ID or “GHR ID.” 
  4. Enter MARSNR and go to the next page.
  5. Select “Waupaca Winter Retreat” and go to the next page. 
  6. Complete all consent forms.
  7. Select any WR20 Merchandise you would like to purchase ahead of time (optional).
  8. Complete Payment
  9. Celebrate! You are signed up for the best weekend of the winter.