collective prayer and fasting

As a church we will contend for our wingspan and pray for God’s presence to be our focus and worship. As Paul did on the ship to Rome (Acts 27), we will take 14 days to collectively pray and fast. Knowing that God’s Kingdom will prevail allows us to press into prayer with confidence that God is Unstoppable, and that He hears our prayers. 

We are asking the church to collectively cover every hour (336) from September 20 to October 4 by signing up for one hour time spots. This will be a defining time for our church and our community as we press into God’s presence as a church family.


This is a time for you to stop & pray wherever you are during your hour(s). A time to press into God's presence while focusing and listening for God's still small voice. We pray that this is revolutionary for your prayer life and connection with Jesus.

Prayer Focus

1. Invite God’s presence to be your main focus, be present in His presence. 

Matthew 11:28-29

2. Pray that your wingspan and God’s Church connect and His Kingdom would come and His will would be done. Matthew 6:10

3. Listen for God’s voice to direct you this hour and beyond. John 10:27-28, Psalm 46:10