Events & opportunities


When Jesus walked this earth as a man, many of his words were recorded in what we now refer to as ‘The Gospels’. Jesus continued to speak after his death, resurrection from the grave, and ascension into Heaven. Jesus entrusted his beloved friend, John, to record his passionate messages to many of the early churches - these words of Jesus are what introduce us to the book of The Revelation. Together we will look at the words of Jesus for His church. These words of Jesus are still alive today, inviting us into a deeper relationship with Him and guiding us in authentic Christ-centered living.


As you take your next steps towards becoming Christ-centered, we want to empower you towards maturity and purpose, by equipping you to discover your God-given gifts, talents, and strengths to be used for good works of eternal value. Our dinner parties are designed to help you connect with Jesus and others. Maybe you know a lot about APEST and maybe you know nothing. Either way, this event is for you!

Check out our website to explore what APEST is and to register for one of our dinners.


Are you new? Have you been looking to get involved in our church fam? We want to help you understand what we believe, why we are on mission, and where you fit here! Come learn about us and then join us for lunch immediately following the meeting!

Join us on March 17 at 10:15AM.


We are sending a REACH team to serve alongside Makenzie Muehler and Kevin & Noelle Miller, our REACH Partners in France. This trip will be an incredible opportunity to share the gospel through a back-to-school outreach to kids and families in the city of Toulouse. Ready to reach across the globe? Join us to see the gospel move further farther and faster in France!

The trip is tentatively Thursday, September 12 through Wednesday, September 18.


Spencer Lake Summer Camp is offering a summer season work day to prepare for thousands of people eager to experience and encounter with Christ. To support our partners in Waupaca, North Ridge Church is sending a team to ready the grounds for the people who may make decisions to follow Jesus, be filled with the Holy Spirit, or sense a call to ministry.
Eager to build the church in this generation? Come break a sweat with us at camp!

The trip will depart from North Ridge Church at 7:00am and return by 3:00-4:00pm on Saturday, May 11.


North Ridge Church is sending a team to one of our favorite cities: Milwaukee. Our friends at City on a Hill, an urban outreach center, are excited to welcome us back for another year to help us serve their neighborhood, grow an understanding of poverty, reconcile some of our misconceptions of those who call the inner city home, and learn what it means to relationally love others from a different culture.  Ready to grow a heart for missions? 

The trip is Tuesday, June 11 through Sunday, June 16.