NORTH RIDGE school of ministry


Over the next five years North Ridge Church seeks to raise up 500 spiritual fathers and mothers who desire to raise up a generation of spiritual sons and daughters. In order for this to happen we must see people be made new in Jesus, find freedom in Jesus, and discover purpose from Jesus so they can live fully alive for Jesus.

We want to see a Church filled with saints whose lives shout, “Follow me as I follow Jesus,” and the North Ridge School of Ministry (NRSM) is an environment for that to flourish.
The North Ridge School of Ministry readies and equips leaders with scriptural truth for an ever-changing world so that they will be outwardly fruitful and inwardly filled by the Spirit of God for whatever work He calls them to.

Our school offers students two web-based programs made to help you discover your purpose in Christ.

Ministerial Studies Diploma

The Ministerial Studies Diploma is an affordable three year program designed to equip you with a deeper understanding of biblical texts, Pentecostal doctrine, and practical skills for work in the marketplace, ministry, or
mission field.

Associate of Arts in Church Ministries

For those seeking to delve deeper into worlds of ministry and mission, this degree might be the perfect fit for you. Spanning three years, this comprehensive program equips you with 60 credits, setting you on the path to ordination with the Assemblies of God. Alongside the rich knowledge and skills you will acquire, you will also be awarded a regionally accredited associate of arts degree on completion.
(The Ministerial Studies Diploma and Associate of Arts in Church Ministry Degree meet the educational qualifications to test
for pastoral certification, licensing, and ordination with the Assemblies of God.)

what to expect?


After being accepted into your desired program you will be directed to begin making payments for your program. Tuition is charged per semester and must be paid in full to begin your fall or spring semester classes.

Ministerial Studies Diploma: $650.00
approximate semester tuition

Associate of Arts in Church Ministries: $1,200.00 
approximate semester tuition


In your first year, you will be required to create a student account through our academic partner, Global University*. This platform will facilitate the majority of your web-based learning in addition to serving as a helpful tool to track your progress and register for courses. Before each semester begins, you will register for five courses with a specific code to NRSM.

For a closer look at what
you will study, check out
our course catalog:


Starting in September, you will meet each Monday from 6:00pm to 9:00pm in a classroom setting.

You and other students can expect these evening classes to include topical discussions, in-the-moment activations of course materials, and group testing. At the end of each night, you will be informed of the independent study to be completed for the following week.

Independent Study

Hands-on Experience

Our academic partner, Global University, has provided NRSM a web-based learning platform where the majority of your coursework will be completed. This work includes a variety of study including reading assignments, video lessons, and practice quizzes. Anticipate that this work will require 6-8 hours each week.
Being outwardly fruitful and inwardly filled by the Spirit of God happens with practice. Each year you will have increasing opportunities to grow yourself and practice leading others to Christ-centered wholeness.

i have a few questions...

I’m working full-time with a family, can I do this?

YES! Classes meet once a week on Monday evenings and are designed to complement regular ministry involvement much like a small group. Estimate that independent study will require 6-8 hours each week. This course load and time commitment allows a variety of people to work full-time while earning an affordable education.

What do I need for classes?

Since the majority of coursework will be hosted online and exams will be proctored in the classroom, a laptop with WiFi access is necessary for each student. Some courses may require additional reading or study materials not included in tuition.

If so much work is web-based, why should I enroll in NRSM?

For over 75 years Global University has offered distance learning opportunities to believers around the world. By partnering with their experience and resources, NRSM is able to offer an affordable and accredited academic experience in the context of a church family.
This means that:
-you will build bonds with like-minded friends who are also reaching higher for God’s plan in their lives.
-as you grow wisdom in Christ, you will have a community to practice in.
-there will be a team of pastors to mentor you in your growth. 

What if I need to retake a course?

What program should I enroll in?

If you are considering NRSM as an opportunity to grow as a spiritual parent or are considering ministry as a second career the Ministerial Studies Diploma would be an excellent choice. If you are under the age of 25 and are considering ministry as a full-time career choice the Associate of Arts in Church Ministries is our strong recommendation.
Classes run from September through May and break over the summer. These three months allow you to independently complete any courses that need to be retaken as a result of an excused life event or an unsatisfactory grade. This option will enable you to stay on track and graduate in three years. 

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