We are servants together. 

You were made on purpose, for a purpose and we want to help you discover who it is that God has made you to be! We become more like Jesus in our relationships together, especially as we serve together. As we become grounded in our relationship with Jesus and our identity in Him, it is an adventure to discover the gifts, talents, and strengths we have been given for works of eternal value.  Within the context of our NRC community, there are many next step opportunities for you to discover your unique purpose. We are excited for how God is going to meet you and lead you in these serving opportunities. Check out all the serving opportunities below!


Extending welcome with a smile

Cafe Team

Welcome and engage with people at NRC while serving coffee, espresso drinks, and baked goods.

Bake Team

Serve by baking and sharing your craft with others while raising funds for REACH.

Arise Events Hospitality

Use your attention to detail and heart of service to help make Arise Women's Ministry events welcoming for every individual. 


Use your awareness to keep our church family safe and organized.


Welcome people in to the house of God. Friendly faces and curiosity help visitors and family feel like they belong.


Usher church family and guests into our worship center. 

YTH: Cafe Leader

YTH: Cafe Team

Kid's Check-in Greeter

If you have a passion to shepherd or partner with young people this opportunity allows you to speak into the lives of middle and high school students.
This is a great spot for those who love hospitality and making meaningful small connections with young people while selling snacks.
Welcome new families with smile! Use your basic computer skills to enter new families into our system. 

Parking Director

Online Host

YTH: Atrium Security

Be the first friendly face and keep our parking lot safe by being a comfortable presence. 
Help build and encourage our online community by being an active presence during our live online services.
Be on alert and guide students as they are in and out of the Worship Center during a Wednesday night.


Connecting people to the heart of God through His presence

Kids Wing Tech Support

Stand alongside young tech enthusiasts to teach and guide them by being an encouraging spiritual parent.

Skilled Musician

Use your musical skill and passion to worship God with your whole self and consider joining the worship band.

YTH: Worship Tech Team

If you have a teachable spirit and an interest in learning/operating tech, come join us in the tech booth on Wednesday nights.

Video Crewmate

On our video crew you connect our online church as the Body of Christ through camera operation and/or switching views and cues to make services online engaging.

YTH: Worship Team Leader

Do you have a passion and understanding of what it takes to make music? Come lead the next generation of worshippers by singing!

Event Photographer

Are you willing to give your talents to capture precious moments at events like: Sunday mornings, Family Celebrations, & other special events.

Computer/Lights Tech

Audio Engineer


Keep our whole church fam on track Sunday mornings by running the computer and changing light cues!
If you have an ear for music, are teachable and have a desire to be creative, let's talk about training you on our sound board!
Do you sing on key, have a heart full of worship & a teachable spirit? Let's talk about training you to harmonize with the
worship team.

Prayer Team

There are several prayer teams in which you can learn, grow, and practice prayer ministry. Let us know if you are interested!


Helping people grow and discover God

Small Group Facilitator

Be at the forefront of connecting adults to God and others through small group prayer and study of God's Word.

YTH: Student Leader

YTH: Small Group Leader

If you're a student and have a desire to step toward Christ-centered wholeness, our small group is a great way to practice leading yourself and others.
Walk alongside teens and equip them spiritually to navigate the highs and lows of life.

Kid's Coach

Organize, train, and care for other leaders! You can be a coach for our Lil's team (birth-2yrs), Preschool team (3-5yrs), or Elementary team (K-6th).

Lil's Mentor

Be a Spirit-filled presence for our youngest children of God (birth-2 years). Be active by engaging in play & prayer! You will have a team to support you!

Preschool Mentor

Bring your smile and love to teach, play, and craft with our preschool aged friends. You will have a team to support you!

Elementary Small Group Leaders

Arise Care Team

Elementary Teachers

Be a spiritual parent to elementary aged students by organizing discussions and caring for spiritual/emotional needs.
Use your gift of encouragement and service to help care for women and their families in
our church.
Practice your teaching gift by conveying bible stories and gospel messages to our elementary aged students.

Grant School Helper

Adult Serving Coach

Support our school system by helping in a classroom or the office to impact the next generation.
Grow in your leadership while organizing, training, and caring for a serve team. 


Stewarding the places that God has given us

South Side Mower

Keep the South Side looking beautiful with a crew who love Jesus and love to mow grass.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Help keep the NRC main campus looking great and functioning well through simple routine cleaning and fixing.

Plant Care

Use your green thumb to keep our indoor plants healthy.

Laundry Care

Events and weekly activities create linen laundry, do you love to wash, dry, and fold? Help NRC stay clean and fresh.

Kitchen Love

Help us keep our kitchen clean, shiny, and functioning so we can minister throughout the week for various events and routine usage.

Adopt a Room

Bring your creativity and ownership to care for a room in the Kid's Wing. Reset, arrange, and bring new life into our spaces so kids can encounter Jesus.

Holiday Decorator

Use your creativity and eye for decor to keep our building festive with the ever-changing seasons.

Organization & Administration

Bringing vision and practical order 

F.U.E.L. Game Time Leader

Be a part of Tuesday nights at F.U.E.L by planning and putting together games alongside Pastor Corey. Be ready to plan ahead and then teach kids how to play!

REACH: Trip Leader

Do you have a heart for missions and to lead God's people? This may be a good fit for you!

Children's Ministry Admin Assistant

Help prep and prepare all lesson materials across a variety of kids ministry areas!

YTH: Regular Events Admin

This role is perfect for those that love organizing and supporting fun opportunities from behind the scenes so that young people can experience life in Jesus.

REACH: Co-leader

Come underneath a leader of a missions trip by reinforcing and guiding others.

YTH: Leader Events Admin

Do you love prepping meals for others, five times each year this opportunity helps provide a Sunday lunch for our Youth Leadership Team.

Creative Minds/Hands

Offering Counter

Special Events Team

Use your hands to help NRC hosted events creatively come together through decor and atomsphere.
Looking for a weekly rotation of detail oriented volunteers to count offerings on Monday mornings with discretion.
Organize and execute excellent hospitality and fun at special events throughout the year
at NRC.

Serve with us

Are you ready to partner with us to do Kingdom work?