An Angel Watching Over

One of four amazing miracles our God has so graciously performed in my personal body and life played out on Interstate 694 in Minnesota. Having just flown into Minneapolis from Oklahoma on a flight that had been delayed one hour due to foggy conditions, a friend, Maxine, and I were intent on driving to Eau Claire with no additional delay in order to be on time for an appointment there.

As I drove on the two lane, divided highway, the car ahead of us was traveling under the speed limit, so I decided to pass that car. In my attempt to complete that action, the steering wheel would not move for me and I had no choice but to stay in the right lane behind the slow car. As we traveled a small incline and reached the crest of a knoll, it became apparent that
it was an angel who had held the steering wheel for a reason God knew.

Just over the knoll, we observed the scene of a multiple car accident blocking the passing lane. Had the angel allowed me to move my car into the passing lane, we would have assuredly plowed into those cars. Our lives were spared and no further damage was allowed to occur to the people and cars involved in the accident. Our loving God was watching over us just as He promises in Psalm 91:11, “For He orders His angels to protect you wherever you go.”
Our angel guided us safely and on time to our Eau Claire destination!

A telling of the other three miracles in my life would further confirm another of God’s promises in II Chronicles 16: 9a. “For the eyes of the Lord range throughout the earth looking for people whose hearts are fully committed to Him so He can show His power in helping them.”

What a joy it is to serve a caring, loving and protective Father! One never knows when God is going to work a miracle in our life giving us a story to tell.
Submitted by Marilyn P. on 11/15/21

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