God Moves Mountains

My dad and I did not have a good relationship for a long time. I honestly just wanted to be away from him. I want to be away from most people most of the time, but especially him. A year after my parents got divorced, I began coming to church. I started to see that church was helping me. I realized God was always with me and I could talk to Him. He was pulling together my mental health and showed me I wasn’t alone in my struggles. 

I started asking dad to come with me. This happened for like two years. I’d ask every week if he’d go to church and he’d say “no” or  “depends on how I feel in the morning.” Sunday morning would come and I’d say “let's go to church”, but he’d say “I never told you I actually would.”

Finally it was almost Easter of 2021 and I started ramping up asking Him to come with me. “It’s Easter tomorrow, let’s go to church.” Before I even woke up Easter morning, he already had a drink in his hand. But this time, he followed through and we came to church! During worship I could tell He felt something, he was into it.

Dad found God again. He had been living life for himself, but God changed all that. It took a few months, but our relationship started getting better because his drinking had stopped and he was caring about how we felt. He started reading the Bible and really living it out. Now our relationship is a hundred times better than it was! Like, I actually want to be around him.

All of this has definitely shown me God can move mountains! He moved this grown man from years of addiction to live his life for his family and God. I can trust that God will be there when something needs to be done. And if He doesn’t do what I want, I just have to trust Him and I know that He has a plan through everything.
Submitted by Lorella K. on 8/16/2022

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